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About Us and Our Services

PoolbyScott Service
We are proud to say that for the last 25 years, Scott Pools has built strong relationships with our pool owners. Over the years we have opened up our service to new customers, most of these new clients have become part of PoolbyScott thru the generous word of mouth, referrals, from our existing list of satisfied customers. If you would like to receive more information on or services that we provide, please contact us.

Pool Services Offered: Scott pools will service all manufacturers equipment on your existing pool. Equipment and products change constantly. Most of the our winter is spent training and keeping up to date with new products. Like most customers we have preferred list of manufacturers, most of them can be found near bottom of home page. We encourage any new selections come from that list for several reasons. Most offer a wide selection or variety, the product is proven, lasting, and reliable, customer support from manufacturer is responsive and quick to your needs and last price is competitive with all others. 

Estimates are always free                                                               Robotic Pool Cleaners /  Maytronics                                                 
Automatic Pool Covers Service                                                       Salt /Chlorine Generators
Automatic Cover Cleaning                                                               Hot Tubs/Spas
Weekly Pool Check Up                                                                     Hot Tub Electrical Installations
Monthly Pool Check Up                                                                    Electrical Service
Spring Opening                                                                                  Pool Lighting / LED / Color themes 
Winter  Closings                                                                                Plumbing Repairs
Water Testing                                                                                     Cartridge Cleaning & Replacement
Automation/ Controls/ Android Apple Apps                                  Brick Paver Construction
Pool Pump                                                                                          Brick Patios / Walls
Pool Heaters                                                                                      Concrete Stamping
Filtration                                                                                              Concrete Coloring / Sealing
Water Features/ Falls                                                                       Landscape Plant/Turf Installation
Ultra Aluminum Pool Fence                                                            Landscape Underground Drainage
Belgard Design Fly Over
Belgard DesignStudio Proffesional  Pool, Hardscape, Landscape drawings

Contact us we will be glad to explain our services we can provide. poolbyscott@aol.com  or 630-774-2200 

Pool Opening Service Includes:

Remove winter cover
Open return lines, remove winterizing plugs, install eyeball returns, inspect and replace cracked face plates
Install ladders, rails, diving boards, and deck accessories, lubricate and secure.
Install filters and inspect pump pad equipment, lubricate all rubber gaskets and seals.

Inspect electrical controls, timers and lights.

Set up Automation controls
Check water chemistry and adjust ( add salt or necessary water treatments)

Return Check water chemistry make any final adjustments if needed

Complete full inspection sheet delivered to client each service visit


Optional Spring Services:

     * Automatic Pool Cover Fabric Treatment:  includes soft power rinse before and brand specific fabric cleaner

     * Pool Vacuum 

     * Deck Power Wash : can include with sealer

     * Paver Renovation: includes power wash, resanding, polymeric sand, and sealer

     * Automatic pool cover mechanical check up: check list presented to client

     * Automatic pool cover box clean out

Our professional Pool Closing service includes:

Check water chemistry and set levels

Remove Filters and Sanitize (in shop) winter storage of filters indoors.
Plumbing line preparation to accommodate winter temperatures

Add Antifreeze to all pool lines and equipment
Winterization of filtration equipment
Disassembly of ladders, diving boards, lights, etc.
Installation of winter cover

Please note that the above services are included in our All-Inclusive Maintenance Package. Contact us for pricing, contract details, or more information on pool closing and pool opening services in Chicago.

Pool Openings & Closings

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